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Prachi Gupta


Prachi had more than 5 years of experience as an Architect. Now she’s working as a UX/ UI designer at a leading startup.

Frame 26.png
Frame 26.png

Transition to UX/ UI Design from Architecture

As architects or urban planners, your goal is to plan for the design of physical spaces. You want to design buildings or parks or other material infrastructure types that are enjoyable for residents and visitors.


As UX designers, we’re no different. Our goal is to design and plan for the design of digital spaces.
When you’re coming up with a website for the first time, you want to design a navigation bar that allows users or customers to find exactly what they’re looking for.
How do you group related items?
How do you help users jump from page to page more easily?

The field of information architecture is critical because today, with the amount of information and data available on our hands, it’s important to build digital products that are easy to use and easy to access

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