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Pay Later Model

About this model

Pay later Model (PLM) is the perfect way to land in your dream job. The Pay later model course structure is specially designed to assist you with learning skills relevant to industry requirements. This initiative is specially launched to make sure that financial burden shouldn’t restrict anyone from getting relevant industry skills & a job.


Under the Pay Later Model,  the student need not pay the fee until the student gets placed. So you can attend the course and there is no fee involved for course & the training. You’ll only pay if you get a job within 1 Year of completing the course with us. You'll have to make the first EMI payment within 1 month of joining the job. The payment will not be one time, but will be distributed in EMI’s ranging from 12-18 months calculated on the basis of your CTC in the new job.In worst case, which rarely happens, if you don’t get a job, you won’t need to pay us anything & consider the course is on us :)

Our course structure covers all the extensive requirements of being a UX/ UI designer or a Full Stack Developer in the corporate world.

In our UI/ UX Design course, we’ll teach you the step by step process of designing websites & mobile apps, along with 20+ Assignments & a Case Study project.


In our Full Stack Development course, we'll train you in both Front End & Backend Technologies along with Data Structures & Algorithm. 

All you have to possess is sincere commitment towards learning and we assure, you would fly with bright colors.

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